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5 Easy Pointers for Selecting & Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company!

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As an entrepreneur or facility manager, you have many responsibilities, office maintenance being one of them. Even a decade back, commercial cleaning involved hiring janitors and cleaners on payroll, and that always didn’t assure great work. With outsourcing, things have got better for sure. Finding the right commercial cleaning company, however, remains a challenge. Companies like QA1CS London have revamped the way businesses look at such services, but not all services are the same. In this post, we take a look at what it takes to find a company for commercial cleaning.

  • Understand their expertise. Commercial cleaning, especially corporate offices, is a dirty job. As such, the team working for your company should be ready to take up the cleaning challenges. The expertise of a company is largely defined by what they are capable of. For example, a company that specializes in medical facility cleaning is likely to have better experience in handling the needs of a client who is more focused on sanitation. Check the industries that a company deals with.
  • Reviews are important. At the end of the day, most of us hire services based on reviews and online feedback from other customers. Why should commercial cleaning services be any different? You can check for ratings and reviews, which can come handy while comparing services.

  • Get an estimate. While price isn’t everything, maintenance of premises is a regular activity, and you need to ensure that everything works within the budget. There are typically two categories in commercial cleaning. The first one is regular cleaning, for which a monthly budget must be assigned, while for selected jobs that require periodic work, you can get a quote or estimate before the job is assigned. Just make sure that the pricing is fair and includes all possible expenses.
  • Ask for references. A company that has been around for more than a few years will offer client references on request. Call up a few of their existing clients to know if they have any complaints. You can also talk about the kind of services they have provided.

  • Check their ways. Reliable commercial cleaning companies are expected to have their own team of experts, cleaners, managers and janitors. The people who work for commercial areas, especially for medical, industrial, and construction needs, are expected to be trained and insured. Also, the company must invest in quality equipment and cleaning supplies.

Check online to shortlist options.

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