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5 Easy Ways To Do Better With Cardboard Box Packaging!

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Packaging, as experts agree, is as important as marketing or the product itself. While the basic function of packaging is to ensure protection for the product, marketing specialists believe that it can be a great tool for promoting interests. Packaging can be of varied kinds, but for this post, we will stick to cardboard boxes, which are extensively used in many industries. Below is a quick overview of things that can be done to improve cardboard box packaging.

  • Shrink the size. Boxes need to be in sync with the size of the product. A big box leaves enough void for the product to get displaced from side to another, which can actually cause damage. Shrink the size because it also helps in reducing the packaging and shipping costs. The idea is to select a size that fits.
  • Don’t overdo marketing elements. Depending on what you are selling, you may want to include some form of marketing message on the box, but don’t overdo it. Often people like to reuse the boxes (which is our next point), while on other occasions, the information should be elaborate about the product.

  • Focus on reusability. Waste management is a global concern at the moment, and by opting for something reusable, you can actually reduce the waste that goes in landfills. The top cardboard box packaging designs are meant to have a second purpose.
  • Include decent colors. Ideally, the colors of the logo should be used in some form on the packaging material, but there’s enough room to experiment, as well. Colors like yellow, green, red have an instant impact on the mind of customers, especially if the product is sold in a box.
  • Innovate the design. You may not change the product, but changing the cardboard box makes a huge difference. Try and innovate your boxes at least once in a while, just to retain curiosity and interest of the customers.

Finally, it is important to find a company that specializes in supplying and manufacturing cardboard boxes. Many of them even help brands in structural conceptualization and designing the box, and you can save more by ordering in bulk. Selected cardboard box manufacturers have the choice of storage, as well, so if you don’t have storage space, you can order and keep the boxes, until ready to be used. Check online right away and find the best manufacturers to order cardboard boxes for your product.

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