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5 Industries Being Changed by Automation

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Automation and artificial intelligence is quickly changing the world we live in, and making a significant impact across all industries. Automation can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, especially if you aren’t particularly tech savvy, so let’s look at some practical examples of how automation has changed these five industries:

Legal Industry

Technology has changed the way legal professionals practice law. This industry requires a lot of timekeeping, billing and invoice management, and tons and tons of paperwork, and automation has made these tasks simpler than ever. Apps like Rocket Matter, a law practice management software, make it easy to track and record time with a few clicks of a mouse. You will never miss a moment of billable time again.

Creating and sending invoices to clients is also made easy with technology. Law professionals can create multiple invoices in one fell swoop with batch billing. This cloud case management software also makes it a cinch to gather all your case information and track your progress and manage deadlines at a glance.

Because of these advances in technology, lawyers, paralegals and other legal practitioners would do well to read up on new technology and become proficient in using it to their advantage.


You may have received several offers in your email inbox for lead generation services. This is because sales automation companies are currently red hot. The sales process is one that could use the most improvement, and artificial intelligence is poised to take over this process in the very near future.

Once AI can get to a stage where it can accurately examine online behavior and identify potential opportunities, lead generation services will begin to fly off the shelves, figuratively speaking.

Virtual Assistants

What artificial intelligence can’t yet replace is the human touch, which virtual assistants offer. However, AI can process enormous amounts of information in just seconds, making data analysis and database management two tasks that may be better automated than handed off to a virtual assistant. On the upside, allowing artificial intelligence to handle repetitive menial tasks leaves virtual assistants free to focus on work that allows them to add value, such as through customer service.

Transportation Industry

Thousands of people are killed and millions more injured each year because of car accidents and vehicle-related disasters. With these numbers on the rise, the single most promising application of artificial intelligence is autonomous transportation. Computer controlled driving promises to decrease these numbers and to drastically reduce the number of transportation-related accidents and deaths.


The healthcare industry is one of the primary beneficiaries of artificial intelligence. Everyone wants to enjoy good health, but almost anywhere you live, the cost of good health care is significant and unavoidable. Artificial intelligence brings efficiency and efficacy that will enable providers to reduce costs and to drastically improve outcomes so that patients are better treated and served.

There are plenty of ways that automation is already changing the healthcare industry, and hopefully more advances will be made soon so that more people can enjoy better health.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, automation is the future. The integration of artificial intelligence into various fields and businesses will change the way you do your work, and may even change your role down the road. It’s best to be prepared for it.

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