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A List of the Crucial Reasons Why You Should Arrange Regular Servicing for Your Boiler

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When our boilers are working correctly, we often think that they will continue working perfectly for years to come. And even if this may well be the case, it’s still important for you to understand how crucial regular servicing can be. Regular servicing can address small issues before they become bigger problems, and this, in turn, helps you save money in the long term. Even if you think your boiler is in tip-top shape, there could be potential issues with it which you may not know until it’s too late. Here’s a list of the crucial reasons why you should arrange regular servicing for your boiler.

Keep your staff and premises safe

This is the foremost reason why it’s crucial to have your boiler regularly serviced. Your staff and workplace’s safety is of the utmost importance; a boiler which is faulty can be dangerous and can be the cause of gas and carbon monoxide leaks which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. When you have your boiler serviced, the gas engineer will assess it for leaks and other issues, and this can give you additional peace of mind when you know your staff and property are safe.

Address minor problems before they become worse

A small issue or problem can be quickly detected with regular servicing; even if it’s initially a tiny issue, it can become a big problem if left unaddressed. If your boiler is running and operating properly, however, you can effectively save on your heating bills as well. It’s better to fix small issues right away rather than deal with a bigger and costlier problem later on.

Save money on your heating bill

Whilst servicing is an expense, it could still help you save more money in the future by lowering your heating and energy bills. When your boiler is serviced, the gas engineer will check to be sure that your boiler is functioning well and is performing according to expectations. If your boiler is more efficient, it will cost less to operate as it will not have to work doubly hard to provide you with heating or hot water. Of course, your boiler’s efficiency will also depend on its type and age, but this can also be checked by the gas engineer, who can recommend a replacement if necessary.

It’s a requirement for landlords

If you have property for rent and have tenants, you are under legal obligation to have your boiler inspected and assessed by a gas safe engineer. The engineer should be checking your flues and gas appliances every year to make sure everything is running smoothly. The check covers boilers and gas appliances like fireplaces and burners, as confirmed by the licensed commercial catering engineers from Gasway Commercial as well.

What to expect

Servicing for your boiler only takes place once a year, so it’s worth the expense and extra planning. When you have your boiler checked, the engineer will first inspect it and test the controls to be sure that they work correctly. Then, they will check the boiler for leaks or corrosion and make sure that the boiler has the correct pressure. They will also test and check the flue to be sure it isn’t giving out any fumes. The process can take from 20 to 30 minutes, and the engineer will then leave you with a checklist for your own use and reference.

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