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A Simplified Guide To Plastic Molding!

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Ever wondered how different plastic parts and products are made? Plastic molding is all about creating plastic products, using liquid polymer or powder materials. Most of the plastic products you use are made of materials like polyethylene and polypropylene. Since plastic products vary in use and strength, the range of techniques used for molding may differ. In this post, we will talk about the common plastic molding techniques in detail.

  • Rotational Molding. Also known as rotomolding, rotational molding involves the use of molds, which are customized for each product. Powder or liquid polymer material is placed in the mold, which is then rotated in an oven, so that the material covers the entire inner surface of the mold. The rotation creates centrifugal force, which helps in getting products with even walls. Apart from being an cost-effective option, rotomolding works ideally for creating precision products, and the technique doesn’t cause material wastage. It is better suited for creating hollow products. You can also learn more about plastic molding here.

  • Injection Molding. This is the classic form of plastic molding. The process involves using molten plastic material, which is injected into a metal mold at a very high pressure. After this is done, the mold is cooled down and the solid plastic product is taken out. While injection molding has been used conventionally, it leads to material wastage, and creating metal molds can be an expensive affair.
  • Blow molding. This is mostly used for creating thin walled plastic products and parts. The concept uses the same theory and practice as glass blowing. Machines are used for heating up the plastic, and eventually air is injected into the hot plastic, blowing it up like a normal balloon. As the material fills the mold, it is then hardened, and the product is taken out. Blow molding is useful for creating specific products and is great for mass production.

There is also another method of plastic molding, known as Compression Molding.  Heated plastic material is placed in a heated mold and pressed as required to get a particular shape. The plastic material used for the purpose comes in sheets. After this, the cooling and trimming is done, and the product is removed from the mold. At times, many metal parts of machines are replaced with plastic ones, and for that, such kind of molding works wonders. The end products are usually very strong and effective, due to the compression used.

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