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Current Trends in the Funeral Business

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When a funeral business outsources an aspect of their business to a funeral answering service such as our own, it provides them with more time to pursue other aspects of running their business. One thing that benefits any funeral business is researching and reviewing current trends in the funeral industry.

The funeral business is one that frequently evolves. New values, preferences, and opinions emerge with every generation, and how they view and deal with funerals is something thing that always differs from the previous generation.

So, when a funeral business monitors current trends in the industry, they have a better understanding of what is required from modern funeral services. Here are some current trends in the funeral business worth paying attention to.

Personalised Funerals

Baby boomers are getting to the age where they are arranging more funerals. Whether for aging parents or preparing for their own passing, this generation is planning more funerals than the previous, leading to an increase in personalised funerals.

For instance, baby boomers view funerals as a vital component of the grieving process and are therefore seeking services that are meaningful. This has led to many personalised funerals where the entire service is based around the personality and values of the deceased, paying homage to the person that is no longer here.

As a result, funeral business should be looking to accommodate personalised funerals. From giving suggestions on how to personalise a service to being open to the creative suggestions of the family, now is the time to embrace personalised funerals.

Planning in Advance

While most of us don’t like to think about funerals, planning a funeral well in advance is an increasing trend in the industry. Adults are wisely making the decision to plan ahead for a number of reasons, with one of the most prominent reasons being they want to avoid placing the burden on a loved one.

Planning funerals in advance allows clients to organise their perfect funeral and cover most of the expenses while they are still alive, ensuring their loved ones do not need to deal with the stress of planning and paying for a funeral themselves.

Funeral directors should therefore look to expand their planning services, taking the time and effort to assist people that want to plan their funeral many years before their passing. This may include pre-payment options as well, but some are just happy to have their funeral arranged before their passing.

Increased Cremations

Cremations continue to rise at such a rate that they are eventually expected to outnumber burials. This makes sense considering the affordability of cremation compared to a burial, while religions are also becoming much more accepting of the practice.

A funeral service is still held for most cremations while many others feature a memorial service after the cremation has occurred, so funeral directors certainly have much to offer those seeking cremation.

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