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Effective Tips to Succeed in your Fundraising Campaign

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Charities that are hosting a fundraising campaign should be ready to take on challenges. Fundraising should be approached with a strategy to succeed.  Nobody wants to waste money and energy. The tips below should help charities execute a fundraising strategy that makes an impact:

Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

Raising money takes effort and time as well as a well-planned strategy. Your organization will be competing against many groups to get some financial aid. You want to create goals for the short and long-term, as well as take advantage of various fundraising channels. Although there are a lot of fundraising channels you can use today, you should not ignore the impact of direct mail as a fundraising channel.

Demonstrate your Impact

Keep in mind that donors will want to know what you’re going to use their money for. Your organization should look beyond a wordy vision and come up with a statement that transforms other people’s perceptions. You want your audience to know the impact of your organization on the world. Also, you want to demonstrate how the money you’ll raise will move your organization toward sustainability.

Build and Train your Fundraising Team

When you employ a fundraising strategy, every member of the team should be playing a role. Make sure you designate this role based on an individual’s strengths. You might need to choose people who will perform the following tasks:

  • Engaging in talks: The person should be interacting with donors and team members as well as consulting with experts.
  • Building and strengthening the network. This individual will connect with relevant people and organizations to create a network the charity can count on.
  • Spreading the news. This team member will promote the campaign and help people understand why they should donate.

Create or Update your Website

If you still don’t have a website, you’re missing out on many fundraising opportunities. Your website should be your charity’s face when you wish to get attention. If you already have a site, ensure that it’s updated. Nobody likes to read old news. Ensure that your home page has a “Donate Now” capability, because some people may want to do just that.

Use Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to let your target audience know your message. Post messages that are brief and easy to understand. Be sure to “Like” your post to your fundraising page. Social media posts that have links and photos tend to get clicked on more than those without.

Stay Focused

Sometimes certain things in your non-profit organization can cause you to drift from your strategy. Variables such as responsibilities, activities, and emergencies can distract you from your main goals. But you need to prioritize your fundraising plans and take the time to review progress. Also, you might need to make some adjustments on a regular basis.

Show your Appreciation to Donors

Foundations usually provide a one-time donation that makes an impact. However, individual donors also deserve your attention. No matter how simple, appreciation allows you to show your gratitude to those who donated to your organization.

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