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GPS Tracking System For Transportation Business: Don’t Miss These Aspects!

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If you own a transportation business, it’s extremely pertinent to keep a tab on movement of vehicles in real time. No wonder, GPS trackers can be found installed in most vehicles these days. This brings us to the question – Is location tracking really enough for fleet management? Yes, you can spot vehicles, which itself is a critical part of managing a transportation business. However, unless your managers can actually take significant decisions using the information, installing GPS trackers hardly makes sense. A GPS tracking system basically unifies and makes your fleet cohesive for easy management. As the name suggests, such systems connect with GPS trackers, so that real-time information can be fetched as required.

Not all systems are same

Some GPS tracking systems are cloud-hosted, and the client can have access to the same as required, while others are self-hosted and installed on the desktop or remote server of the client. Your choice should be dependent on your budget, the upfront costs you are willing to pay, and overall features required. Nevertheless, a GPS tracking software system is expected to have the following features.

  • An easy interface. Transportation business owners and managers are not always tech-savvy, so they should be able to use the system easily.
  • Ability to store data. You need to keep a record of how the cars and vehicles were and are being used, so that required improvements can be considered.
  • One-account management. Regardless of whether you have five or fifty cars, you should be able to handle it all from one account.
  • Mobile-friendly interface. In a world that’s ruled by handheld devices, a GPS tracking system is expected to be responsive and usable on iOS and Android at the very east.
  • An optimized control panel for management. From setting up user accounts and special privileges to payments, setting expiration dates and geo limits for vehicles, the control panel should enable easy management.

  • Support for maximum devices. At the end of the day, you need a GPS tracking system that can work with diverse trackers, and ideally, it should amalgamate with your existing list of trackers seamlessly.

Finally, let’s not forget that a good GPS tracking system should be backed by support, so selecting a development company that stands on reputation and expertise is of utmost importance. Also, you can consider asking for a demo to know the features and other aspects better.

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