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How Should You Use Torque Wrench?

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Torque wrench is considered as a special tool that is used mostly in automobile repair. Once the tool is properly calibrated, then it will provide “torque” which is a rotational force for fastening a nut or bolt with less effort with more accuracy than any standard wrenches.

It is suggested that you research about the torque specifications for your project in hand. Torque will normally be indicated in number of foot-pounds which is recommended. As an example, it can indicate as 30 and 100 foot-pounds as recommended for any specific nut or bolt.

Also, note in which pattern the instructions suggest to tighten the fasteners. As an example, either star pattern or start in the middle, then alternating between two sides.

Make sure that you are using dry, clean and undamaged bolts and nuts. On damaged threads, the torque tools may not work correctly. In future, it may cause problems while removing the fasteners.

Avoid oiling the threads in advance. This will reduce friction and increase the load on your bolt.

Using your Dial Torque Wrench

  • First tighten your bolts onto the necessary threads with wrench or socket, till they are snug. You can then, follow up with your torque wrench.
  • Now grip your torque wrench’s plastic handle and hold the handle such that it is in the center on the pivot. Neither end of your handle must be touching bar for better accuracy.
  • Next, place the torque wrench end and get it into comfortable position, where it is possible for you to read the beam. Don’t view the beam at an angle.
  • Till you reach your recommended torque range, tighten it clockwise. Then tighten the rest other fasteners in recommended direction by using the same technique.

Use of a Click Adjustable Torque Wrench

  • First tighten the bolts on its threads by using wrench or socket, till they are snug.
  • Accordingly adjust the torque wrench. Loosen your adjustable dial. Turn handle until it will reach the torque specification, then tighten adjustable dial.
  • Now hold onto your handle. Place tip on fastener by the handle at the left side.
  • Keep turning clockwise till you hear a sound of click. Now repeat on your same handle till you hear next click to make sure that you have reached the right force.
  • Keep moving around the project and tighten the fasteners in recommended pattern.
  • Now reset your torque wrench at zero position when you are complete. This can reduce pressure on internal spring and also help to maintain it calibrated.
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