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How To Exceed Customer Expectations

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Businesses often expect their employees to exceed customer expectations, but it’s not always clear how. The reason that we try to exceed customer expectations, is to achieve good reviews, and lifelong customers.

Customers that are impressed with the service provided by a business are more likely to spread the good word about the business. Most businesses try to succeed the idea of being “average”, as an average business, though good, will never truly do anything unexpected or extraordinary. Businesses that put in a little more effort are the ones who gain good reputations with their customers.

When you exceed customer expectations, you will create returning customers that are happy to spend money on your products and services and will assist in bringing in more customers by sharing their personal experiences.

You should know that customers don’t actually expect much from their interaction with you. When they walk into your business, or contact you in regard to your services, they are expecting to be in and out with the item or service they need. Simple, done. It’s easy to meet that expectation, and it barely requires any effort your part.

The average customer expects timely responses, knowledgeable employees, and friendly communication. They expect the product they ordered to be in stock, a good return policy, and easy shipping methods.

To exceed customer expectations, you need to understand what a touchpoint is. A touchpoint is every interaction your customer has with your brand. Each individual one. This could be a live chat session, an email, a Facebook comment, a tweet, a visit to your business, or even a phone conversation.

During each touchpoint, your business can fail, meet, or exceed expectations.

To ensure that you offer a service that goes above simple customer experience, you should first figure out each possible touchpoint a customer can experience. List every form of communication your business offers, every social media account, outside marketing, stalls, map out establishments that trade under your business name. Now, break them down into possible touchpoints; where, in all of this, does a customer speak to someone, or have an interaction with your business?

The goal, ultimately, is to make as many interactions with your customers as friendly and helpful as possible. At first, focus on doing one thing extremely well, and then expand over time. Feedback is your friend, and your customers don’t tend to lie on reviews. Listen to what they’re saying, and you may figure out the next step to take.

Try to communication with your customers as much as possible when they’re shopping with you or using one of your services. They’ll appreciate regular updates. Remember that over-delivering is one of the best strategic plays a business can make, because it makes it seem like you’re interacting with every customer on a personal level, even if the e-mails that you send out are automated.

Take the time to get to know your customer base, and what their needs are. This will help you decide where to start, and how you can exceed their expectations.

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