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How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

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The hospitality industry can be a very brutal business. The entire industry relies on the experience of customers to thrive, and when those customers have a less than stellar experience they are more likely to tell people about it. This could mean that your new restaurant faces an uphill battle before it really even begins to make a profit.

The Devil Is in the Details of the Linen

What many new restaurant owners forget is that the devil is really in the details when it comes to the customer experience. Offering a good menu, fine food, and friendly service is only a part of the entire experience. In reality, it’s incredibly important to be aware of every little details, including something seemingly as simple as fresh linen.

It may sound odd to a new restaurant owner, but the state of the linen in their establishment can have far reaching effects on customer perceptions. You may not have the time to attend to everything as a business owner, but it’s important to every single customer that you do. In this context, it’s often wiser to outsource to a third party laundry company, rather than do it in house.

Why Does it Really Matter?

Here’s why having freshly laundered linen in your establishment really matters to each and every one of your customers:

  • Cleanliness: Nothing says more about the professionalism and state of a restaurant than the linen. If the tablecloths are stained and dirty, what does that say to your customers? If the uniforms that your staff is wearing look tattered and stained, how professional will your customers view your establishment? Providing fresh linen each and every day is essential to the customer perception, no matter how small it may seem to you as the owner.
  • Staff morale: One often overlooked aspect of the modern hospitality business is how cohesive the staff members are. In this sense, freshly pressed uniforms actually do make some difference. If your staff members don’t feel as if they are part of a professional outfit that cares about customers and the quality of service, how will your customers feel about your establishment? Freshly pressed uniforms that look consistent are one of the smaller details that need to be taken care of. When staff are wearing a fresh uniform each day that has been cleaned, they will feel as if they are part of a team. They will understand that the business they work for is professional and that it cares about its image. In short, their positive attitude will be a part of the customer experience.

 Making Wise Choices

It’s perfectly understandable that as a new restaurant owner it can be tough to take care of everything. After all, there’s marketing to do, menus to prepare, and customers to keep happy. Sometimes, things will slip through the cracks. Fresh linen is essential to a positive customer experience and not having the time to attend to it can have a negative impact. This is why it is often better to outsource to experienced third parties instead.

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