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How to Make the Best First Impression with a Clean Office Lobby?

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Admit it, first impression is the last impression. And, your office lobby is no such exception in this case. When considering making the best first impression for your customers or clients, a clean lobby can be a great help and is important to create a great impact on your personnel’s professionalism or the reliability of your products offered and services rendered. A lobby or waiting area is the best place to begin with as it is the first place where your clients or customers will step in and it helps in creating a positive and everlasting impression.

Here are some tips on making the best first impression with your office lobby.

  1. Clean up the areas prone to high traffic

The areas of high traffic in your office are those spaces which are visited the most. Your office lobby is where everyone enters and exits your business premises and is one of the busiest areas in your office building. Lobby floors are prone to gather most dirt and wear-tear than any other space in your office. Just wonder the number of people who enter and exit your office on a daily basis. You can add other elements to it like dirt, grime, or mud from the outside. As the time goes by, your carpet will become filthy as ever. You should consider employing cleaning regimens by a facility cleaning company. They will specifically focus on maintaining these high traffic spaces clean and make sure to create the best first impressions ever.

  1. Don’t leave a smelly impression

The major source of bad odor is poor ventilation and your clients will keenly notice if your lobby stinks bad. Activities carried out on a daily basis with the normal office use can create so many air contaminants. Dust, dander, chemicals are brought in by the HVAC systems and are recirculated throughout the office several times in a day. This can accumulate in the ventilation systems and creates a bad odor. It can pose serious health risks like allergies, respiratory health issues, and autoimmune issues. Ensure to hire a cleaning service company that immaculately cleans your HVAC vents regularly to keep away any bad odors and keep the employees and the customers healthy as well.

  1. A source of light and dirt

Windows are a way to lighten up your workspace, add an aura of comfort and an escape from the lifeless artificial lightings. But they are also a source of letting in the dust, cause smudges and noticeable marks when not properly maintained on a regular basis. Hence, you should address this issue as well.

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