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How To Measure Customer Satisfaction

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Today business performance is evaluated by customer satisfaction, you win if you succeed in satisfying your customer, you fail, if you fail in satisfying them.In today’s world, the customer is the king, he judges and determines your win or lose situation. Products and services are customised according to the needs of the customer.

There are several ways of measuring customer satisfaction, which are accepted by many organsations, lets discuss a few of them here:

  • Survey your customers
  • Identify expectations of your customer
  • Find your weaknesses
  • Assess your competitors
  • Measure emotional aspects
  • Measure loyalty
  • Monitoring

Survey your customers

Its not always necessary for your customers to contact you with their queries, often you must contact them to get their feedback about your products or services, this is the only way to get the know how about their experience. By conducting audits, you can also make changes, in time.

Identify expectations of your customers

Customers demand value against whatever they are paying, they measure your performance against their paid monetary figures or time they spent, getting to know your product. They have expectations regarding what they have chosen, you need to identify those expectations and work on your product or service to meet those required expectations. If you succeed in identifying what they are expecting, half of your job is already done, the rest is to target the pinpoint.

Find your weaknesses

Sometimes we are looking into the mirror rather then looking into the window We are focusing too much on one factor, and neglecting other factors, sometimes we are digging deep, instead of digging by the side.We are unintentionally neglecting our weaknesses,and we are considering other factors. We need to find out where we are failing, what is the flaw in our product or service? By identifying them, you can help yourself in correcting your mistake.

Assess your competitors

Competitors, rivals are a very strong element in a company’s performance, you need to take them seriously. Find out that why a customer is using, or switching towards their offering? what is the key element they are giving, and you are not? If you identify this, then you need to build a set of plans which you can implement, in order to achieve the desired target.

Measure emotional aspects

A customer after sales experience is very important for an organisation, get yourself acknowledged with that feedback, this will help you in creating a great relationship with your customer.

Measure loyalty

Repurchase identifies a customer’s loyalty, you need to differentiate between the fans, and loyal customers. Identify those customers who are loyal towards your product, find out their attributes and target people with the same attributes in the market.


Monitoring through emails, telephonic calls, direct mails you can monitor. What is the feedback of your customer? You can also send them feedback cards, in which they could share their experience about your product.

Audit nationwide and this type of training services helps you in measuring the satisfaction of your customers, and make changes according to their needs and demands. Their specialist national team of auditors conduct audit evaluations, their project management team develops an evidence based photographic feedback, moreover all reporting and supportive information is accessible on their online platform.

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