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How to use bulkhead material in your projects?

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Would you like to use bulkhead material in your projects?  Maybe, you would want to use it for your next waterfront project. In this case, there are some ways in which you can make sure that they are used in an effective way.

Using Wales

Wales is a kind of bulkhead material and is also referred to as Waler. They are basically timber that is treated with the specific intention of using them to reinforce bulkhead materials that are made from vinyl. They do help in keeping such materials in a straight position as well. In case you are using Wales, you would have to use two pieces for each bulkhead.

You need to install one on the front and one at the back. If you want the best effect, in this case, the back Wales should be double the size of the ones on the front.

Using tie back systems

A tie-back system makes sure that your bulkhead materials do not collapse forward because of the heavy loads placed on them. An example of such a high load would be a storm swell. Normally, in such a bulkhead material you have an anchoring feature that is set behind the wall.

You also have a special tie back that is attached to the wall. Normally, the best options, in this case, are treated wood deadmen. The major reason for that is the fact that they can be installed easily, they are really cheap, and they do last really long as well.

Using bulkhead top caps

Bulkhead top caps are basically boards that are supposed to cover the top of the bulkhead materials that you have. They do this for the whole length. They also offer a bit more protection to the materials that have been installed. However, in most cases, they are chosen for how well they function, the kind of functions that they perform, and how well they look.

For example, you can always use a 2 X 15 top cap as a place where you can stand or sit while you are fishing. At the same time, they help you enjoy your new bulkhead as well.

It is very important that you choose the best companies in this domain. Now how do you that? You should make sure that the company has a great inventory of water and land bulkheads. It should have the necessary certification such as one from the Forest Stewardship Council.

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