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Human Resources In Today’s Business World

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With the economic depression hitting hard over the past few years, most sectors have felt the impact on their business and bottom line, and Human Resource Consulting has been no different. While we’ve seen a number of organizations assessing their costs and tightening their budgets, leading some to reconsider the outsourced support they can afford, we have also had a number of companies turn to HR Consultants as a solution to managing their people resources as they downsize their permanent teams. The economic slump has brought both challenges and opportunities for Human Resource Consultants. As the economy slowly recovers, we are seeing a substantial surge in the need for HR support to assist organizations that have experienced restructure, are trying to right-size, or are recovering andexperiencing business growth. Organizations can benefit from thesupport of HR professionals to effectively attract and retain the right people during a time of substantial change.

2018 Demands

With 2018 well underway, the demand for Human Resource Consultants seems to be growing. Businesses at all stages of reorganization are in need of support, whether that be downsizing, recruiting, or developing their people strategies to ensure they have the processes and polices in place to support the achievement of business objectives in the new year. Companies struggling to cut costs may be considering layoffs, and are hiringHuman Resource consultants to help them with thisprocess. This includes support in managing and executingterminations as well as providing career transition support for departing employees, mitigatingorganizational risk and maintaining morale of retained staff. For organizations that have downsized their internal HR departments over the past couple of years, relying on outsourced HR support is a solution that enables them to manage overhead while receiving the expertise required to ensure their people feel supported, and that HR processes and policies remain compliant with changing legislation and best practices.

Economic Downturns

Amidst all the change organizations are managing as a result of the economic downturn and slow recovery, the updates to Alberta’s Employment Standards, which came into effect on Jan. 1st, have created a huge demand for Human Resource expertise and support.Bill 17, better known as the Fair and Family Friendly Workplace Act, brought about the first major update to Alberta’s employment standards in 30 years, significantly impacting such policies and processes as leaves of absence, overtime, terminations, vacations and general holidays. These changes require all organizations in Alberta to assess their people polices, update their HR Manuals and ensure new practices and policies are effectively communicated to their teams.

As one of the leading Human Resource Consulting firms has experienced an influx in demand for support to manage the employment standards changes and assistorganizations in updating their HR policies and practices. Focused on serving small to medium sized organizations with a wide range of Human Resources Consulting support, including recruitment, performance management, total compensation, training and development, terminations and career transition support, it has been the updating of HR policies and procedures that has been in greatest demand for Human Resource Consultants. As experts in employment standards and workplace legislation, Human Resource partner with business owners and senior management to provide clarity on what the changes mean for their business, and support them in integrating updated employment standards into their policies and practices to ensure compliance with legislation while remaining consistent with the organization’s culture and strategic objectives.

Legislative changes

Bill 17 certainly placed a focus on employment standards and the support required to update HR policies and procedures, but overall the demand for Human Resources support in Calgary seems to be increasing. And while many organizations are utilizing Human Resource Consultants, some professionals are stillunclear on the exact function Human Resources serves within an organization and how HR adds value to their business. Much more than simply hiring and firing, Human Resources is inclusive of the strategies, processes and practices that allow organizations to successfully attract, develop and retain their people. So what does this means and how does HR impact your business…

Functions of HR

One of thefirst functions many people associate with HR is recruitment, and for good reason! Your employees are your biggest asset, so spending the time to attract and retain the right peopleis key. Recruiting requires a process that is consistently executed and communicates not only the position you are looking to fill but also provides insight into your organization’s culture and the value proposition you offer perspective employees. More than just a job posting, the recruitment process is an experience that provides an opportunity for organizations to share their mission, vision and values and explain how the right professional will help them achieve strategic business objectives. Effective recruitment keeps employer value proposition and company culture at the fore front of each stage of the process, from the job posting and interviews through to reference checking and following up with candidates to advise on hiring decisions. Each stage in the recruitment process is an opportunity for organizations to leave a positive impression and develop their brand as an employer of choice.

HR development

Human Resources isabout developing your people, implementing processes and cultivating a culture that encourages productivity and employee wellness. All elements of HR, from recruitment to performance management, policies and procedures to training and development – these functions each serve to attract the right professionals for your business and support employees as they develop the skills required to help your organization achieve strategic objectives. Employees that feel supported and are engaged not only in their role but the overall success of the business are more productive and stay with your organization longer. This results in higher productivity, fewer days off, and lower turnover, all of which positively impact the bottom line of a business.

HR Leadership

Achieving employee engagement and fostering a positive workplace culture requires strong leadership. Human Resources plays a critical role in teachingmanagers and supervisors to be good leaders and developing their skills to effectively provide feedback to their teams. In order to ensure staff are consistently developing, it is important to have a performance management process in place that provides ongoing and timely feedback. What this performance management process looks like for each organization is different. Some organizations prefer the traditional approach of annual performance reviews while many companies are now transitioning to an on-going feedback model that feels less formal and consists of multiple touch pointsthroughout the year. The performance management process that works best for your organization will depend on your organization’s culture and people, but regardless of the approach, the importance of consistency, documentation and follow up are essential to executing a process that effectively assesses employee performance and encourages skills development.

Human Resources isall about engaging your employees so they are excited about the role they have in helping your organization achieve its strategic objectives. Consultants support organizations by providing the expertise required to successfully attract, retain and develop the right people and put effective processes in place that will help grow their business. Today, HR professionals are an increasingly utilized resource for organizations requiring varying levels of support, from project specific to a fully outsourced HR department. Regardless of the level of support required, HR specialists provide on demand expertise that can help organizations manage the many changes, both economical and legislative, impacting organizations and their teams today.

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