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Marketing Guru Neil Billock Sees Puerto Rico is An Emerging Market US Companies Can Easily Penetrate

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America has always been a global player penetrating most markets instantly, but Neil Billock saw that the lack of US companies in the tropical islands of Puerto Rico can have a significant impact on both sides. The Marketing guru who recently moved with his family on the islands saw this great opportunity as the Puerto Rican market has recently gained a steady momentum.

Being an American colony, the Marketing guru has always believed that products and services coming from the mainland should be readily available to its territories. But the unavailability of such commodities in its nearby dominion can make a tremendous impact on a company’s immediate growth.

An advertising veteran who hails from San Diego but has since relocated from California to Puerto Rico, Neil Billock has worked with Vertical Direct Marketing Group (VDMP). He initiated the launch of the direct sales division after joining the company two years after its launch. His initiative targeted internet marketing becoming one of the technological pioneers.

Billock says that the future lies with emerging markets like Puerto Rico. Since the country has been a territory, the lack of products and services coming from the US itself seems surprising.  He believes that any company coming from the mainland can quickly gain popularity amongst the masses especially when American products are hailed for its quality.

Because Billock always found time to go to the country with his family, he quickly fell in love with the hospitality and natural wonders of Puerto Rico. His recent move paved the way for setting up a marketing and advertising consultancy which aims to provide public relations and promotions for various US companies.

Targeting emerging markets like Puerto Rico can have a positive impact on the overall growth of your company. Startups and midsized businesses can greatly benefit from expanding their operations in Puerto Rico as it can be a way of pushing for growth.  He also sees the viability of bringing the marketing technology to the Puerto Rican industry as it is still saturated with the traditional way marketing is handled.

The marketing guru acknowledges the challenges emerging markets like Puerto Rico is facing. Because most of the technologies present are created in the West, it does not conform to their existing technology. This means that moving your company to a foreign area has to at least step a little bit backward to accommodate the present technology that they have.

But this does not mean being hindered because of the lack of resources. More or less, treating it as a challenge can pave the way for advancements and growth for both your company and the rest of the country. Niel Billock sees these challenges and is putting a team of experts who can boost the enhancement of digital marketing in Puerto Rico.

Working with a team from both countries and of different backgrounds, the marketing guru is making a big leap in creating change for the local market of the country. He is tapping on a solid ground that just needs to be broken so opportunities fill start to flourish.  He is inviting US-based companies to join him in the leap to expand their horizon and make a change for Puerto Rico.

For more information Follow Neil on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/neil_billock

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