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Odor in the Job Site: Ways to Eliminate It

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Whether it is indoors or outdoors, in the construction site or a manufacturing facility, the odor is an issue that needs attention. If there is an unpleasant smell in the work site, workers will end up being uncomfortable and unproductive. That being said, the rest of this post quickly tackles some industrial odor control systems and how these odor control strategies work.

Use an Air Misting System

This presents one of the most innovative ways to eliminate odor in an outdoor environment. It is a portable machine that can be easily repositioned as needed. Basically, it treats the air in the surrounding area through mists. Small water droplets are created. It gets in contact with the air and it controls odor. It is known for using fewer chemicals and water while offering unprecedented coverage. If this seems to be an odor control system that is suitable for your needs, get in touch with the people at BossTek and learn more about the solutions they are offering.

Use Activated Carbon

According to a research forecast, activated carbon will remain to be the most popular choice when it comes to odor control strategies. It is a common choice when it comes to industrial wastewater treatment. These filters will trap the odorous compounds before releasing them into the air. It is a permanent solution for the removal of the molecules that are causing the odor.

Come up with a Waste Management Plant

Among others, waste is one of the most common sources of odor in a job site. This makes it critical for an organization to come up with a solid plan on how to manage its waste. Immediate disposal of the waste is recommended, especially if it is biodegradable. The business can also use technologies that allow the acceleration of the decomposition of waste. Meanwhile, if the waste is contained within the facility, there should be suitable storage so that the stench will not leak.

Use Biological Oxidation

Basically, biological oxidation or bio-oxidation refers to the use of bacteria and microorganisms that are capable of consuming the substances that are causing the unpleasant odor. In turn, carbon dioxide will be created as a waste product. There are two systems that fall under this category – bio-scrubbers, which use an inorganic media, and bio-filters, which make use of organic media. Despite the use of the word filter in this process, there is actually no filtration that takes place as the entire process is metabolic.

Get into the Source

Perhaps, the best approach is to go straight to the source. First, you should perform an audit to understand the problem, especially the source. Once it has been identified, execute the necessary solution for elimination. Regardless if you use advanced equipment, if the source remains, the problem will persist.

Do not let odor be a problem in the job site! Take note of the strategies that have been briefly mentioned above for an effective solution!

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