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Reviewing Check Scanners: A Guide For Businesses!

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If you run a company that deals with hundreds of checks for payments each month, you have to find a way to store, organize and access data related to checks in an effective way. A check scanner basically uses what’s called MICR or magnetic ink character recognition to gather data from a check, such as info like check number, bank details. Check scanners also reads all kinds of additional information, such as the name, address of the person, and the data is usually stored on an interface or software for access.

Check scanners from known brands like Panini.com are extremely popular these days and are designed to be extremely secure, so that data is protected and stored for further use. Here are some more aspects of such products.

Types of check scanners

There are basically two kinds of products in the market – batch check scanners and single feed scanners. The latter, as the name suggests, can scan one check at a time. Although batch check scanners are much faster, these are not ideal for smaller companies, especially because such products also cost a lot more. The kind of scanner you should buy depends on several factors, such as the number of checks processed each day. Single feed scanners, in general, are great for small business, startup and individual needs. These are pretty easy to use and don’t require extensive assistance with setup, but you don’t have to compromise on security and quality either.

As for batch check scanners, there are varied choices, but the best ones can be used for processing other things like coupons, meal and gift vouchers, and anything that’s sized like a check.

What to look for?

First you need to decide the kind of scanner you want to have, and it is equally important to focus on a known and reliable brand that offers support for using their products. In case of batch check scanners, always check the features, and whether the brand would offer help desk assistance for installation, implementation and use. A good check scanner should be super easy to use, must assure security and must adhere to the norms of the industry. Brands that sell both single feed and batch check scanners will offer information on their products, so you can decide what works best for your business needs.

Adopting new tech solutions is a part of business transformation, and you need check scanners as a part of digitizing tasks.

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