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Same Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Load Systems

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A load cell or the torque sensor is used to weigh the loads accurately and sufficiently. Sometimes, they do not give the accurate measurements leaving us to think what has caused the inaccuracy. It also affects our equipment to a great extent. A number of reasons are responsible for load cell to give inaccurate values. The load cell and torque sensors are unable to give expected accuracy because of below mentioned reasons:

Quality of the load cell and sensors

It has been observed that a number of manufacturers are present in the marketplace proclaiming that they offer these products offering the highest level of accuracy. The truth is that only the top and renowned companies can produce load cell systems, which can give you the expected accuracy. It is one of the major factors why the results are not accurate sometimes. It is highly recommended to buy these products from the top most manufacturers to avoid any issues later on. A trusted and genuine load cell will have the good response time. It will also give the correct readings on temperature change, repeated measurements of the same weight and in an event of creep.

Placement of the load

Many people are unable of the fact that the measurements also vary if the placement of the load is not proper. The load should be applied to each cell properly to ensure the accuracy and as the guidelines given by the manufacturer. If the load is not applied in a proper manner or twisted, the results will be inaccurate. The entire weight must be proportional in every manner if you want accurate results.

Climatic factors

A number of environmental factors also play a vital role in obtaining the results from button Load Cells. Some of these factors include change in temperature, wind, vibration and shock loading. The cross wind can affect the accuracy of the load and it may feel lighter than the actual value. Similarly, the material can expand and contract due to temperature change. Vibrations from other machines sitting next to the equipment can also alter the values. Shock is the process in which more weight is added than what is specified making it to give inaccurate results.

Inference from signals

The load cell electric signal can be interfered by electromagnetic interference, radio frequencies and even the moisture in the air. Due to this, the expected value from load cell is not obtained.

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