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Signs Telling You It is Time to Lease a New Office Space

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As your office lease is about to end, you need to consider moving to a different space. If you want to extend the deal, you can speak to your landlord about it. These signs will tell you that moving to a different area is the best option for you.

Your team is getting bigger

When you started your business, you might only have had a few people in the team. You needed them to multitask, and you were willing to have that small number. As your business expanded, you decided to hire new employees since you did not want to overburden your employees. If you notice that it is too difficult to move around the area these days, it is time to find another place. It is a good sign though since it shows that your business is moving in a positive direction. You would rather have this problem than deciding to lay off employees because your business is not doing well.

Outdated infrastructure

This problem could happen when your current lease has lasted for several years. When you started renting the place, it looked excellent. After many years, it is not the same place anymore. You can ask your landlord to do some repairs and changes, but it might take time. You might also have to suspend operations for a while to allow those changes to take place. The best option is to move to a different space which is new and looks professional.

The employees’ morale is low

When the employees do not feel good, it could affect the performance of your business. You want them to have a fresh start. If it requires moving to different office space, you need to do it. You need everyone to feel comfortable with their workplace. You also want the employees to be active and engaged. It will probably not happen when they are in the same office that looks old and with dilapidated walls.

The location is not good

You need to find a new office space with a strategic location. It might not have been a big deal when you started since you only had to consider a few people. Since your business is starting to expand and you have new employees, some of them might be taking public transportation. You do not want them to suffer by working in a location which is too far from the nearest bus or train station. You might also receive clients at the office, but they hate the idea of travelling far to visit your office.

You need to act now

If you recognise these signs, it is time for you to consider moving. You need to tell your landlord that you do not intend to continue your agreement. Your landlord might also start showing the office space to other clients and put it back on the market.

So, you need to look for experts in end of tenancy cleaning London offers. You want to leave the place in an excellent condition, the same way that you received it when you first moved in. It is also your way of showing your gratitude to the landlord for allowing you to stay.

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