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Sistec Develops Range Of Machines Expanding Its Manufacturing Line

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Sistec has grown in these years that it is technically structured for the construction and development of special equipment and facilities. Sistec has produced and is developing a range of machines making for a complete line for the expanded polystyrene manufacturing.

Sistec developed innovative solutions in a series for cutting leather, plastic, technical articles, and composite materials. Sistec assists in developing a complete project its customers and this includes right from knowledge acquisition to the produce or a process development, assuring comprehensive and integrated assistance.


Sistec is a company aiming to create synergies so that innovative products are obtained through technology development and research. The relation between the technological and institutional innovation is studied to understand if the innovation determines economic growth.

Determining the technology and the institution is not any dispute, but taking into the view of synergy fusing technological and institutional innovation helps in analyzing the pattern of evolution of the enterprise. The viewpoint is to put forward the sustainable development keeping the institutional innovation and technological innovation together, in fusion.

Manufacturing and technology 

The manufacturing industry is an early adopter of technologies and there are amazing innovations now that the entire process experiences revolutionizing and this helps in increasing efficiencies and also engagement of employee.

There are countless micro-protocols helping in navigating within the factory processes, and these disparate operations result in inefficiencies: unplanned outages, unnecessary procedure repetitions, and employee boredom.

Deficiency of any universal vision in the factory processes can result in the failure of the complete operation, even if one element is interrupted unexpectedly. In fact, a machine break down may be because it is not maintained correctly and this may halt the entire operation; or there may be one device that produces over- or under. New technologies offer an overview of the entire process so that there is maximum output and it can be achieved consistently.

The new thing is automation in manufacturing. It is around right from the time of industrial revolution. The automation was initially met with protest swaths and resulting in groups to smash machines in the textile industry. The fear was that more hands will become jobless, and this happened to some extent.

The latest manufacturing innovation was in the car building and the fear is gripping that the human workers opportunities will diminish. However, repetitive tasks are given to robots so that they are performed safely and consistently, but even now humans are considered to be viewed as a valuable resource.

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