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Stainless Lift Table – Buying Guide

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Stainless Lift Tables are usually utilized in food processing environments, or places where the lift is going to be washed lower on the semi-consistent basis. The stainless lift table may prevent rusting and corrosion which may occur on the traditional spray colored lift table. While stainless lift tables are among the most costly lift tables available on the market, they pay big dividends when calculating the price of replacing traditional lifts that will rust and pollute the clean room atmosphere in wash lower applications.

Guidelines for Selecting Stainless Lift Tables

Here are the most significant aspects you will have to know when choosing a stainless-steel lift table.

1. The load capacity: Just how much will your pallet of fabric weight. It’s a good idea to consider your pallet weight and multiply that by 1.5 to obtain a safety buffer around the lift tables lifting capacity.

2. The stroke from the SS lift: How high would you like the pallet to become lifted. Generally a elevated height of 24″ to 42″ will come across most ergonomic needs.

3. Will the entire lift have to be stainless: Some SS lift tables have components which aren’t built entirely from SS. This may lead to problems when the lift has been washed lower on the frequent basis.

4. How frequently will the SS lift cycle: When the lift will cycle greater than 10x an hour or so, it may be a good idea to buy a higher duty cycle stainless lift.

5. Which kind of controller works best for that application: When the operator needs to use their hands throughout the work process, then it may be a good idea to buy a feet controller as opposed to a hands controller. This can leave the operator’s hands-free to do their task.

Other important Factors for Stainless Lift Tables

When selecting a supplier for the SS lift table, it’s a good idea to talk about just as much information using the manufacturer as you possibly can. Walk them with the sequence of occasions which will occur as soon as the pallet is loaded to the lift table, towards the moment that it’s removed. For example, they may claim that additionally you buy a rotating top platform, that will avoid the operator from getting to achieve over the pallet to get into material on the other side.

The greater information they’ve regarding your application, the much more likely they’re to offer you the right kind of lift table.

When you could not move around and hence want some alternative solution to manage doing your activities, then you should pick the lift table that would make your job easy. You need not have to rely on others to assist you.

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