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The Power of Promotional Materials

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Promotional products are some of the oldest forms of advertising and today most people have at least 10 pens with business names or logos. Buying promotional materials for your company is among the best strategies to use for brand recognition and even the smallest product can communicate appreciation to your customers.

Giving customised materials is an easy and non-confrontational way to let your customers know that you appreciate them and hope that they come back for products or services soon. The belief that promotional products are overrated or overused is not true and serves as the best way to clearly and consistently show your customers the advantage of doing business with you. As you begin to consider what promotional products fit your company’s mission and goals, consider the three major areas where you aim to see improvement: brand exposure, loyalty, and advantage.

Brand Exposure

The most vital reason for the high success rates of promotional products and materials is consistent brand exposure. A company name that is seen every day on the pen used for writing lists and notes will come to mind when that person is looking for the service offered by the company on their pen. The consistent exposure for your company reinforces convenience for your customer to think of you, rather than hours of searching online for what they are looking for.

Brand Loyalty

In addition to exposure and recognition, promotional materials reinforce brand loyalty and improve customer retention rates. Nearly everyone who has received a free product from a company will be more likely to purchase a product or services again in future. The feeling of reciprocity after a customer feels that they received a personalised gift works to ensure their future business.

Brand Advantage

Although many companies realise the value of promotional products, the majority do not take the time or money to invest in their customers. By providing customers with products that are high quality at an affordable cost, your company stands out from the crowd. Invest in products that you know your customers will appreciate and look for a company, such as Grasshopper, that offers a variety of products in large or small orders. When your company stands out from the crowd with a truly excellent promotional product, new leads will increase and sales will continue to climb.

Remember your target audience as you consider what type of promotional product your customers will enjoy. Statistics show that nearly all customers enjoy wearable products, such as a hat or t-shirt, but if your company provides image printing options, then a promotional calendar would make sense as a gift to your customers. Ultimately, regardless of what promotional item you give out, customers will remember and appreciate the small personal touch.

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