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Tips to Protect Your Home Against an Intruder

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A home invasion is the worst nightmare for any homeowner. And it’s not as though your home is the only thing getting violated, either. You feel violated as well. Someone rifling through your personal belongings, touching all of your things, means that you don’t feel safe any more in the one place that you should.

The first step in protecting yourself against home invasions is turning your home into an impenetrable fortress. Unfortunately, not everyone can have an alligator-infested moat surrounding his or her home so keep reading to find out what you can do to add some extra defence for you and your family.

Do a Walk Around

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home to look for any kind of weaknesses, such as broken window locks or doorknobs that can be easily broken. You could also have one of your friends do the same thing. Having a fresh pair of eyes that are unfamiliar with the property look for weaknesses could really benefit you.

Trim Your Shrubbery

You don’t want to make it easy for a burglar to hide on your property. Cutting down the shrubbery around your home, especially near entrance points, will make it much harder for people to cover themselves while breaking into your home.

Consider Motion-Sensor Lights

Providing extra lighting makes it extremely difficult for a burglar to use the darkness to their advantage. Motion-sensor lights blast a high beam of illumination on any source of movement, exposing potential threats.

Install Security Doors

One of the most common ways a burglar breaks into a home is straight through the front door so it’s your job to make this impossible. Install Crimsafe sliding security doors to give your home a secure line of defence against those who want to harm you.

Hide All of the Valuables

There’s no point in attracting burglars to your home. When you leave expensive grills, boats, or cars out in the open, it’s as though you’re putting your valuables on display. One of the best ways to avoid a home invasion is by making it look as if you don’t have anything worth stealing. So park your cars in the garage, cover your grill, and leave the boat at the dock. Also, bring in any toys or tools that you may have left outside as well.

A home robbery isn’t something that anybody wants to experience. It could forever scar you and leave you scared of your very own shadow. It’s certainly no way to live. You can’t know when an attack is going to happen but you can make your home secure against one. Protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones by increasing the amount of security you have in place.

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