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Understanding the Data you hold is key to GDPR

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GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. It’s a regulation that was created by the European Parliament intended to strengthen data protection for all individuals within the EU. Personal data is defined as any information that relates to a living, identified or identifiable natural person.

The definition of personal data applies to any piece of information which can used to identify an individual, based on all means that are likely to be used. An ID number, for example, is classed as personal data, because it can be linked to a natural person on a database.

The General Data Protection Regulation applies to personal data, outlined briefly above, and any sensitive personal data, which specifically includes genetic data and biometric data.

Typically, there are two main data owning attributes: “Data Processor” and “Data Controller”. When assigning a data processor to processing activities, the Data Controller should only allow the use of processors that can provide adequate guarantees. After the processing is completed, the Processor should either return or delete the personal data to the Controller. In short, the Data Processor’s job is to process any operation performed upon personal data, and the Data Controller refers to the legal person (company, agency, or body) that determines the purpose and means of the processing of the data.

GDPR can be difficult to understand. There’s no set text to read that isn’t legislation, but now that we’ve outlined a brief definition of the more important elements of the regulation, we can begin to explain why it’s necessary to understand how important the personal data you hold is. Most companies and individuals do not understand how vital and legally binding the data they have procured is. Data, of course, refers to absolutely any information your company has about an individual, whether it’s written down, filed away, or it one of the many spreadsheets on your company’s system. As you hold the data, you are responsible for it. If it goes missing, you are liable for its disappearance. Therefore, having unsecured data on-site can be dangerous for you, your company, and the individual. But there is a way to secure your data without risk to the contents of all the information you hold.

Box-it can identify personal data through the cataloguing services that we offer. Box-it can become a system that profiles your activities as a Data Controller and a Data Processor where we are needed. This will ensure that your record maintenance stays in compliance with the GDPR articles, while also providing the required personal data within privacy notices and consent forms. We can assist you in providing data to the individuals that it pertains to when they request it and address any possible security risks long before they happen.

With our document management services, all of your records can be digitised, and accessed across multiple locations on your servers. We can help you to monitor your data sharing arrangements and be the guarantee that you need to make sure none of your data goes astray.

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