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What are the Main Objectives of Respond How Program

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How would you respond to an emergency? The question would have several answers. However, the best way to handle any emergency would be to design a foolproof plan. It does not matter what has happened, rather your considerations should be how it could be handled. What is your response to the emergency? How do you plan to handle it? This is what Respond How is all about.

The course would provide you the requisite skills to take the leadership role in airline emergency response organization. You would be given adequate knowledge on learning about the design, implementation along with optimization of ERP or Emergency Response Plan. It should be as per industry practice and regulatory requisites. In order to ensure cooperation and readiness among the staff, you should review the training modules. It would assist you in delivering ERP exercises along with rallying the necessary support from the parties involved.

What are the objectives?

In case, you wonder on the major objectives of the course, you should be rest assured that completing the course would cater you with the option to:

  • Develop an emergency plan and execute it. You would also be able to coordinate the involved processes along with the parties.
  • You would be promoting the role of emergency planning specialist along with handling responsibilities within the airline properly.
  • You would be following ICAO, State regulations and National Transportation Safety Board.
  • You would be training airline staff for emergency response along with other crisis.
  • You would be identifying and outlining the key areas in order to seek improvement in emergency response scenario.

What benefits does it offer?

You would be able to divert from the traditional checklist. In other words, you would be able to do away from being dependent on the traditional checklist. Yet another benefit would be creating and assigning risk-based, incident prioritized plan of action in a matter of minutes. They would offer you with completely automated, size-up, incident specific and risk assessment action plan crisis management program.

They would offer you with web based training solutions. It would be helpful in training and usage of your global response team. The course would provide you with easy solutions on using the ACE-IMS on board, even during live incidents.

Easy training at no additional cost

The ACE-IMS user training has been deemed relatively easy and highly effective. It would provide training to your in-house and outsourced response team members at no additional cost.

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