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What Difference Are There between a Call Centre and an Answering Service?

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In a number of ways, there aren’t that many differences between what we know as a call centre and an answering service.As a matter of fact, a lot of companies are both call centres and answering service providers.

  • Typically, both of them claims to be able to provide better customer service by cordially greeting any caller with a live human response, instead of just the clinical voicemail service method.

Companies will choose between the two kinds of services for a number of reasons.

For example, the small enterprise may not really require the numerous offerings provided by a large call centre, and may just opt for the small business answering service instead.

Making Sure You Get the Message

Generally speaking, professional call centres and answering serviceslike Message-Direct are perfectly able to provide first class support to all of their customers. Call centre services are normally available on a 24 hours a day, seven days a week basis

Messages will be delivered according to the wishes and preferences of any client. There are various options which include the likes of emailing, faxing, paging, or relaying them to a conventional voice mailbox for retrieval later on.

  • Both of these phone services can normally administer calls at almost any time, and that includes even holidays.

Full Range of Options

Customarily, both call centres and answering services will provide all of their clients with the likes of local phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and fax capabilities.

Although, some answering services, might be limited to only specific functions. These may include only the taking of messages, the redirection of enquiries, and the managing of any overflow calls. There are specific cases, (and normally for an additional setup charge), they can also help to despatch emergency workers.

The Importance of Customer Service

When contemplating on a call centreor an answering service as a working solution, the deciding factor usually comes down to the level of customer service that a service is able to offer. Company administrators and managers might go for the call centreshould they wish for the capability to monitor all live calls and/or to record calls for evaluation later on.

  • One big difference between call centres and answering services is that many call centrestaff have been specially trained to administer and enquiries for a particular type of company or industry.

One more differencebetween them is that call centresoften will be able to engage in any kind of order processing. Call centresare also able to act as anenquiry desk andhelp various other staff members out if required.

  • One example of the extra function of a call centre is that its workers can often assist in registering customers for all kinds of events.

For more information, simply go online. Nowadays there are companies out there that have blurred lines between the both and you will have no problem finding one to suit all of your requirements.

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