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What it’s Like To Be a Corporate Photographer!

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Photography has become a full time business even for the gadget enthusiasts. Beating the traditional wave of shooting, photography has today emerged as one of the passionate career options with different genres of specialization. After wedding photography, candid pictures, portraits etc the corporate photographers have taken the limelight today!

Corporate photographers are the ones who shoot pictures of the corporate world. The ones clicking the profiles for the Fortune 500 professionals, Annual Summits and a number of conferences held by the companies. Might seem like a lucrative idea to click for an event full of famous names – but it’s a lot more daunting than it looks!

Corporate photographer provides excellence

With well equipped cameras, lighting pods and skills to bring out the best of headshots – a corporate photographer has the right knowledge to enhance the look of an image and feature the corporate executives in the best possible way. With great backgrounds, choice of colours and best shooting ideas these photographers have the right expertise in bringing out the personality of an executive in as short as 5 minutes of shoot.

They don’t get swayed by personalities

Meeting a famous corporate executive, owner of a brand or an A-list CEO might take you to a fan moment and acknowledging all the glamour that the person holds, but being a photographer is all about controlling that excitement and doing your job. No matter how excited you get its important to hide that and treat them like just another person. To be a corporate photographer is to shoot for multiple famous personalities in one frame and be at your comfortable best.

Need to act quickly for pictures

The need to act quickly is highly acknowledged in the corporate world. Unlike other shoots, the people here don’t have the whole day for getting a few pictures clicked. Sometimes the executives and CEOs just have a few minutes to spare for their pictures. The corporate photographers have to make the most of their skills in these minutes and bring out great pictures. It’s about performing the best under pressure!

Be ready with last-minute details

No shot is ever perfect until a last few touches. And there are bound to be little things coming in the way of that perfect shot. So be it a few clips, safety pins, hair roller, hair spray or just a highlighter – a photographer needs to have some last minute essentials ready to act quickly and bring up that perfect shot.

Deliver on time (sometimes before time!)

Being on time is the most essential thing to be successful in this field. There are working hours for the corporate and a meeting at 2:00 p.m. means right on-time! And even if the delivery of the pictures is meant to be made in 2 weeks – having delivered it in 7 days is much appreciated. Corporate photographers really need to be on time to grow with their business.

Corporate photography is a lot more creative and skillful task than just clicking a few portraits. The end result is sure the most beautiful part of the process!

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