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Which is Better: Oil Type Transformer or Dry Type Transformer?

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Dry-type transformers

These transformers need an insulating system that encourages air circulation to keep it cool. Due to this, these units are larger and make the use of bigger coils than the oil filled models. Also, the dry type variants make the use of more materials, leading to higher investment. In terms of performance, the Surplec dry type transformer work at higher temperatures, as the natural cooling mechanisms aren’t always uniform and can be impacted by the surrounding environment. These step backs can lead to a shorter lifespan of the unit.

In terms of maintenance, keeping the dry type stations in a top notch condition entails continuous inspection. Operators must closely inspect and clean the grills, slits or lovers to ensure that they aren’t blocked. Overlooking this step can lead to overheating of the machine. A benefit on this is no need to perform any kind of routine oil analysis.

These units are useful for indoor locations and areas that are excessively prone to fire related risk. Also, the stations need less regulatory needs for installation, operation and maintenance, which have their own set of costs to implement. This entails less fire safety guidelines to be concerned about during storage and operation. Also, they can be installed nearer to the target area because of less fire related risks at a low cost.

Oil type transformers

These transformers utilize combustible liquids for cooling purposes which makes them highly compatible with outdoor location. It is important to note that the advancements involved in the oil filled transformer technology replace the flammable oil with more stable liquids letting the products to be used in places with stringent environmental standards. No matter what kind of liquid is used, oil and liquid type transformers provide better cooling than the dry types as the liquid is deemed a more thorough medium when it comes to cooling applications. Highly efficient cooling mechanisms also calls for a smaller and a more compact unit.

These units are capable of handling higher ratings. Dry type models are used for low rated applications. When it comes to the maintenance, oil type models need periodic oil analysis and monitoring. Additionally, more cleaning and general inspection of the operating parts. Repairing a liquid type transformer is also deemed to be less expensive and easy to use.

Which is better?

When using the transformers indoor, go for the dry type and for outdoors, go for the oil types.

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