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Why Polyester is the Best Material to Go with Strapping

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Strapping has been around ever since we human beings became civilized and started transporting heavy things. Although the methods have changed over the years, the purpose remains the same i.e. to transport goods safely and making sure that they remain intact and unharmed.

Ropes were commonly used as strapping materials to contain the packages, but as with everything else, technology has improved strapping as well.

Polyester strapping is probably the best option available in the market right now. It is more practical and durable than all the alternatives which include polypropylene, nylon and steel. However we must now breakdown polyester strapping in terms of its advantages and disadvantages and prove its worth.


  • Polyester strapping has the tightest tension retention among all the strapping materials available in the market.
  • It can retain its tension for long periods, so even if the package shrinks, it can still easily contain it.
  • It retains the tension while also not putting much pressure on the package, hence keeping the contents safe and secure.
  • It is almost unbreakable and can absorb large amount of shocks without breaking into pieces.
  • It is relatively cheaper than all its alternatives.
  • The tools and materials required to perform the strapping are simple and cheaper to get.
  • Safe and easy handling than steel strapping.
  • No need for special safety tool as required during steel strapping.
  • It is almost not susceptible to weather conditions.
  • It is not vulnerable to small splits because of the build quality.
  • It is eco friendly as it very easily recyclable.


  • It has low elasticity which can sometimes not be ideal for sensitive packages
  • It is a bit expensive than polypropylene which is a good alternative for smaller packages

As you can clearly see above, the advantages of the polyester strapping towers over its disadvantages. It won’t be an understatement if we say that polyester strapping has revolutionized the strapping industry. It is a perfect replacement for polypropylene if you are looking for light duty strapping. Similarly, it is a great replacement for steel straps if you are looking for heavy duty strapping.

It is as Strong as Steel

Polyester strapping is definitely as strong as steel strapping when it comes to the application. Of course, material wise, steel is one of the strongest materials on earth and polyester is not even the strongest plastic. But it all comes down to the manufacturing process.

The steel strap is made up of timed down steel which is quite rigid. The polyester is made up of woven polyester fibers which makes it as strong as steel.

It is Reliable

It is hands down the most reliable material in this category. It is recommended by many companies that deal with packaging around the world. It is so accessible and easy to use that you can buy and strap your valuable personal luggage without any concerns whatsoever. It is almost unbreakable but also easy to cut loose.

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