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Why Use Galvanized Steel for your Next Project?

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Are you looking for the right structural steel materials for your next project? If so, you need to consider several factors aside from budget. One of the materials you might be looking for are galvanized pipes.

Galvanized steel has a lot of uses in different industries. They are usually found in commercial and residential air ducts. If you are wondering why galvanized steel pipes are your best option, below are the benefits you can expect from them:


In general, galvanized steel pipes are cost-effective. When you compared them with other typical steel pipes coatings like powder coating and specialized painting, you will find that they are less labor-intensive. As a result, galvanized pipes have lower initial costs. Plus, they are durable, corrosion-resistant, recyclable, and reusable, saving you money in terms of maintenance.

Self Healing

Galvanized steel coatings contain automatic protection for areas which become damaged. As the coating corrodes to the steel, they serve as sacrificial protection to any portions of the steel exposed through damage. Unlike organic-based coatings, small damaged areas won’t have to be touched up.

Low Maintenance

Choosing hot dipped galvanized pipes for your project will free you of the stress associated with typical pipe maintenance. Because they are galvanized, the steel won’t rust or get damaged during transportation, installation, and service. The surface of these pipes has a zinc layer that serves as a barrier to protect the steel from damage, extending their service life. Also, the pipes are resistant to wear and scratch, maintaining their sleek look. With galvanized steel pipes, you can avoid the cost of maintaining and replacing corroded pipes. This is a benefit you can enjoy even if you use a galvanized surplus pipe.

Extended Service Life

Because of the layer of protection present in galvanized pipes, they can be used for outdoor applications. They can withstand the harm from harsh environmental effects. These pipes are often used in applications like fence posts, fencing, and water-supply pipes.

Industry studies show that galvanized steel has an average life expectancy of more than fifty years when used as a typical structural material in a rural environment. It can have 20 to 25 years of service life in an extreme urban or coastal setting.

Easy to Use

When compared with other structural steel materials, galvanized steel can be used right away when delivered. They don’t require extra preparation of their surface. Also, they do not have to be inspected, painted, or coated. Once their structures are assembled, they can be used for construction immediately.

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