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Will Print Still Be A Thing In The Ads Of Future?

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Like so many others, print media is one of the things that have been in the list of dead stuff since the dawn of the internet. It is also seen in the real world with major brands going online and shifting marketing budgets from stamps and envelopes to email marketing software. However, even at the peak of digitalization several organizations’ still continue to rely heavily on print media and direct mail letter. Now why do they keep doing it and why you should allow some of your budgets to print media is what comes below.

Physical customer presence

The print is already a target-specific medium and will become more so. It makes sense where you come in physical contact with your customers, like a retail store or event. And direct mail is the most effective way to reach your target specific audiences in the digitally cluttered marketing targets by reaching out in their mail. With people becoming blinder to digital advertising methods, print offers an alternative medium to connect with your audience on their terms.

Tangible ad platforms

Glossy magazines and major publications hold a certain readership and following that online doesn’t achieve. There is literal weight to your presence which is all part of the tangible experience of your brand. If you’re trying to target a C-level audience, forget email, their assistant will just hit delete. But if you take your e-book, print it as a nice brochure and mail it to the exec’s office, it might get to their desk and leave a lasting impression

Print will need to complement

If your target audience reads print magazines as a regular part of their day, there is still a reason to consider print ads in your marketing mix.  Using print media to boost your digital pursuits will help you make your brand more authentic and more approachable in both worlds. A complementary balance between digital and print within any given campaign for a multidimensional approach letting the best of worlds help you build brand identity.

Always ideal for local markets

There are always super local services and brands that just solely target their local clients or customers for their sales drives and they always rely heavily on print advertising to reach to the masses than in a digital space. The traditional customers still utilize print advertising to meet their needs and we need to play in that space as well to help grow as a well reputed local brand.

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